Your demand is our mission

Flexible and Adaptive

With our POSPOLE® Mounting Solution we can cover different applications. Whether adapted for the supermarket, space-saving for the retailer, universally place able for food & hospitality, or simply efficient for the warehouse. We got the right solution for you – fitting your needs.

Supermarket Solutions

Big supermarket chains are constantly checking on how improve and optimize every aspect of their business. They need to adapt in order to keep up with the competition and a constantly changing market. In the past few years this could also be seen at the checkout. How can we make the checkout fast, better, easier and more efficient? Are self-checkouts the way to go? Do customers prefer the traditional, and more personal service? Whether you want to improve operator usability, customer experience or processing speed. Whatever the choice, POSPOLE got you covered with a wide range of flexible solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. Discover our range of new and innovative solutions to tackle problems you did not know could be solved easily.

Retail Applications

In the past decade the retail business has gotten more and more complicated. The massive online sales are taking a lot of the products out of the shelves since they are bought directly from home. In order to pull customers to the store, the store designs have been constantly improving ever since. A key-factor to keep customers satisfied is no doubt the checkout. There is nothing more annoying than long chains in front of the counter. However, the space is limited, and every square meter is increasing the cost. This is where POSPOLE provides a slim and stylish possibility to mount all hardware components in a compact manner. Reduced cable visibility and RAL color variations are only two of the many features to make your checkout area truly unique.

Food & Hospitality

No matter if small coffee store or big fast food chain. The digitalization provides many advantages for the Food & Hospitality market. Paying by credit card and ordering via a tablet has become a new standard for many stores. The advantages are clear. Faster order processing, saver payment und better hygiene due to cash avoidance. To keep everything in place, POSPOLE provides the fitting mounting solution. We support a wide range of EFT payment devices and constantly adding new models in order to say up to date. And our universal tablet holders make sure your tablet is secure, even if you upgrade to a new generation or bigger screen. The combination of a durable full metal solutions with our competitive pricing, makes us an efficient choice.

Warehouse management

Today’s logistic and warehouse managing is impossible to handle without the right digital management system. Displays, scanner, PDAs and tablets are mandatory for a working and efficient workplace. Although this is not our main market, we have realized that there is a big demand for professional and durable solutions. A common request are tablet holders for forklifts. Due to the vibrations and harsh environment most tablet mounts cannot do the job. For this reason, we are developing full custom solutions that are designed and adapted for your environment. Our constant implementation of new technologies enables us to provide the exact products need.