About Us

About Us

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The founding of POSPOLE GmbH

The story of POSPOLE GmbH originally began in 2015. During this time, Mr. Valentin Schäfer worked for ADASYS GmbH, a POS hardware distributor founded in 1987 by Mr. Thomas Schäfer. In a tender, ADASYS received the request for a mounting solution. The customer stated that the solutions available on the market did not meet his requirements. The existing providers were not flexible, compatible or very expensive when it came to adaptations.

So, the search began to find a suitable solution for the project. The relationships that Thomas Schäfer had built up in over 35 years of POS experience turned out to be a decisive factor. But even ADASYS did not find a suitable provider at first. And so, in the end it was decided to design and manufacture a suitable solution together with a partner. The customer was very satisfied of the solution and ADASYS was able to win the project.

In the subsequent discussions with other customers, it became clear that the demand for assembly solutions is much greater than originally assumed. In fact, it was so big that Valentin and Thomas Schäfer founded POSPOLE GmbH in 2016. Since then, the company has been selling professional, innovative and inexpensive mounting solutions under the POSPOLE® brand.

The motivation

Motivation and enjoyment of work is one of the key elements for a good company. If you love what you do, you do it best. At first glance, mounting solutions can look like a boring and unimportant side product. But behind the surface there is a lot of technology and development skills needed. New requirements, wishes and improvements contribute to the further development of our products. We are convinced that if you stop improving and evolving as a company, you will be left behind.

Talking to the customer, addressing their needs and offering them the best possible product. Watching how it is used in action and leaves an imprint on the industry. All this together motivates us to give our best, every day for our customers.

Product line-up

Our core product is the flexible mounting solution POSPOLE®. Compatible with the solutions widespread on the market, it offers a quick and easy addition to or replacement with an existing installation. But new requirements can also be easily met. We offer a variety of combinable parts for every application. A permanent improvement of existing parts, as well as the innovative creation of new parts, enables you to always find the right solution.

We not only offer POSPOLE®, but also other solutions such as office monitor mounts, ceiling mounts or complete housings / kiosks. Thanks to our flexible production line, we can also offer a suitable solution for complex applications in projects.

How we develop a product

Product development is an important part of our work. Regardless of the business area, a good product is the key to success. Only when you offer your customer real added value, they will consider buying. For this reason, customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are constantly adding new products and improving old ones to meet the needs of our customers. So, the experience will always be mirrored within our products. Especially with customized products, we always score points in projects with our flexibility and fast response time.

Every customer focuses on different aspects of a product. It is therefore never boring to work out a new solution. We listen carefully to your needs and then offer appropriate suggestions based on our experience. If you need an inexpensive solution, we can work with different materials. If you prefer an intelligent solution, we offer numerous technical refinements. We often create 3D models to offer you a visual representation. This way, you can actively bring in your wishes and changes in the early stages of development.


These products show some innovations that we have developed for our POSPOLE® mounting system. These provide a new perspective on already known products and show how much we stand out from our competitors.

  • VESA mount with special friction hinge for easy angle control.
  • Improved cable management for clean simple installation.
  • Special rubber cover for less cable visibility and better aesthetics.


There has been a noticeable change in recent years. Many new companies become very successful in a very short time. It is no longer the case that only the big companies dominate the market. Thanks to globalization and digitization, it is now possible even as a small company to offer professional structures and products.

The past has shown us that we can measure ourselves against the market leaders. A fast response time, professional customer-specific solutions and a good price level make us a strong partner. Our numerous references are more than sufficient to prove that.

It is important to us to treat our customers and suppliers fairly. Open communication, trust and loyalty are a matter of course. A good partner shows up not only in their good performance, but also in how they deal with mistakes. Recognizing and quickly eliminating them is an important quality that we are aware of. In German there is a saying “honesty lasts the longest”, and that is exactly our goal. POSPOLE GmbH wants to be a constant that you can rely on for many years.