POSPOLE GmbH is a specialized manufacturer for developing and producing high-quality mounting solutions. While our focus is on the POS environment, we cover not only supermarkets and retailers, but also food and hospitality as well as logistic applications. We provide adaptive solutions that can be integrated into existing installation, making us the ultimate partner for any mounting demand. With a diverse production capability, we are able to provide a wide range of solutions.

  • POSPOLE Mounting System is our main product. It is flexible solution to mount hardware components such as displays, printers, scanners, payment terminals, and much more. Combine multiple mounting brackets to create a solution that fits your demand. Replace or upgrade your existing solution easily with POSPOLE Connect – allowing you to combine our products with 3rd party solutions.
  • EZ Solutions are providing additional standalone products like tablet holders, ceiling mounts, or tablet printer combinations.
  • Universal Crafting is where we provide full custom solutions like kiosk housing enclosures and much more.

The POSPOLE Mounting System


Default components and solutions to cover about 80% of applications. Mix and match a wide range of mounting brackets for monitors, printers, EFT terminals, scanners, and much more.
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For the other 20% of solutions that cannot be covered with POSPOLE Basic, we provide the full range of customizability options. Every single bracket can be adjusted to fit your device or special request. Get the best support for your customers. Not only for project solutions but also for single parts. Together with a low minimum order quantity of just 50 units and no developing cost, we are the ideal partner for all of your demands.
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One of our greatest assets is the feedback we receive from our customers. Over the years, we have created advanced versions for many of our mounting brackets. They provide improvements to cable management, screen adjustment, and ergonomic improvements. Saving time on installation and maintenance, while also providing a better experience for the users. 

Your Advantages


Up to 40% cheaper
Benefit from our slim and optimized development and production structures.


Up to 50% faster
Only 4-5 weeks production time compared to the market common 8-9 weeks.

EU Factory

Efficent production
Production in the EU ensures short and environmental friendly transportation ways.


What you need
Listening close to our customers to find the exact product for your application. Selling only what you really need.


5 Years
The 5 year warranty on all metal work productions with the POSPOLE® brand.


Basic products on stock
POSPOLE Basic available in stock for even faster delivery time in addition to our distribution channels.


Certified production
Since 2019 our production facility is keeping ISO certified standards.


To other solutions
We provide compatibility to other market leading solutions.

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