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POSPOLE is a flexible, combinable system that can be used to mount hardware components in a compact and space-saving manner. The parts are made from powder-coated sheet metal or stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. POSPOLE Basic Parts is a constantly growing selection of single parts that can be combined to build the solution you need. Easy to upgrade whenever components change or a new need occurs. This flexibility makes it easy for resellers to cover their customer’s needs without keeping unnecessary parts in stock. Another big key point is compatibility with existing installations. We use an industry normed 38/45mm pole diameter that fits the most commonly used solutions. And if it does not fit, we provide adapters to give you the most flexible choice for replacements or upgrades.

Your with POSPOLE.


Up to 40% cheaper.
Buy directly from the manufacturer without a middle man.


40-50% faster.
Only 4-5 weeks production time compared to the usual 8 weeks on the market.


Efficent production.
Production in the EU ensures a fast response time and short transportation ways.


What you need.
Listening close to our customers to find the exact product for your application. Selling only what you need.


Custom solutions.
Tailormade solutions with development cost. Custom made to fit your need.

Find with POSPOLE.


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