Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear valued customer,

as all of you know, we are currently facing a global pandemic due to the corona 19 virus. We all agree that a health issue like this must be treated very seriously. In the past days, many countries have locked down the public life to a minimum and are also closing borders. Unforuently this also hurts the transportation of goods within the EU. As our factories are located in east EU countries, the long traffic jams are increasing delivery times. Furthermore, to reduce the risk of infection we have reduced the workforce to 50%. We ask for your understanding that this leads to delays in delivery. We hope the situation will normalize itself soon and we will update you when there is any news.

As a final word, we would like to send our best wishes to all of the people who are already affected by the virus. We wish you strength, stamina and the best of luck to win the fight. 

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