Meet the Management

The bridge to success are the people. There is no product you can sell without an engineer. No one will know about the product without a sales person. And without management there is no direction to go. Every day, the team is working hard to provide our customers with the best service and products. Therefore, we are proud to present you the responsible heads of each department. 


Thomas Schäfer

Being in the business since 1987, Thomas has an incredible long history with the POS market. His experience, knowledge and connections are a key factor for POSPOLEs success, supporting Valentin with the foundation to build on. Not only as a father but a mentor.

Valentin Schäfer

Co-Founder, CEO
Graduating as a IT-System Integrator at SIEMENS has teached Valentin a verity of skills. Joining ADASYS GmbH shortly after, has introduced him to the POS world since the beginning of his career. He is ready proof his capability, not by words but actions.

Andreas Meyer

Sales Manager DACH
After 19 years of sales at Quad GmbH, Andreas was looking for one more challenge to put on top of this POS career. Joining out team in April 2021, he decided to take on the responsible task to expand our products into the German speaking Market.

Sophie Reither

Head of Marketing
As a computer scientist for media application, Sophie's creative thinking provides us with professional marketing material. She has the responsible task of showing our benefits to customers via website, flyers and exhibition.

Alexander Hermann

Order Managment / Dispatch
As an ex banking employee, Alexander disposes precise managing skills. He was the first one to join us 2020 in support of our rapid expansion. His responsible and quick thinking is a grate benefit for us and our customers.
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