The most flexible way to cover all your needs.

The POSPOLE Basic portfolio covers a wide range of mounting brackets that can be combined to create your perfect fitting solution. All the products represent a single bracket/part in a default setup including useful accessories. The products include, base poles, VESA mounts, arms extensions, printer-, scanner-, EFT mounts and many more. For this reason,

  • we are constantly adding new parts in order to ensure maximum device support.

  • we are implementing new technologies to open new possibilities.

  • we are updating older models to improve function.

All available models can be found under the products section. And if you are missing anything, do not hesitate to contact us.


Complete setups, ready to setup.

You need a specific set up in greater quantity? The POSPOLE Sets are the way to go. Our sets provide a full solution out of the box. This is ideal for big quantities and project, where the setup is always the same. All required parts are shipped in one box, ready for installation.

Individual Solutions

Your vision is our mission.

We can provide much more than just a simple pole solution. You need to have a Kiosk-Style housing? Or any other special mount? Use our knowledge and get a solution that truly fits your application.

Our tailor-made products are designed on your exact demand. We know the best materials and technologies to provide a long-living and cost-efficient solution.

EZ Solutions

With the EZ Solutions segment, we want to provide finished solutions that are not focused on a specific market segment. The products in this category are optimized for one application and therefore are less flexible. However, they provide a solid product at a reasonable price point without sacrificing quality. Now this category is representing simple standalone tablet solutions, multi monitor setups and ceiling mounts. However, we are glad to provide more solutions in the future.

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