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A deep understanding of the many possible options is key to build a good solution. To give you a better overview of how to combine the components in a useful manner, we have created this guide. The guide will explain the logic behind our item IDs and how you can combine them. It will give an in-depth explanation to give you a better understanding of the product. Once learned it will greatly increase your workflow and help you create solutions faster. 

Know your parts.

The number of available parts can be very confusing at first. Categorizing them into similar groups is a key element to keep the overview. The following segment explains each of these groups and their purpose.

Base pole
As the name suggests the base pole is the starting point of any solution. They are available in two diameters. The small one B38 is mainly used for single device installations like stand-alone EFT mounts. The bigger B45 is meant for solutions that require multiple devices to be held by a single strand. They are available in different sizes and versions, even as a wall mount option.
VESA brackets
The VESA mount is one of the widely known mounting standards. Typically it is used to mount monitors and customer display. However, there are other devices often offering a VESA mount like printers and scanners. POSPOLE provides a wide range of different VESA mounting brackets. They are available as V45 to be mounted on a B45 base pole. Alternatively, the V38 version can be mounted on an arm A4538 or small base poles B38. Together with a base pole, they provide the most simplistic solution. Creating a solution from just two parts.
Arm extensions
The arm extensions or arms are used to provide an extension away from the main base pole. One side is mounted on a B45 and the other end they provide a socket for 38mm attachments. They are available in different sizes and also functions like elbow- and left-arm versions. The ID is A4538, indicating that they are a connection from 45mm to 38mm. On the other end, there can be all kinds of different devices mounted. The most common are printer mount PR38, payment terminals EFT38 or VESA brackets V38.
Mounting brackets 38mm
Most device mounting brackets are available for the 38mm socket. The reason is that they are mostly mounted on extension arms or standalone base poles. The range includes devices like EFT payment terminal, printer, scanner, keyboards, tablets, and displays (VESA). You can identify them by their item ID. For more information, read the following section below.
Accessories and spare parts
In this segment, we provide products that can be taken as additions or replacements. They include cable clips, table brackets, support rings, inserts, screws, and much more. For accessories, we want to provide useful additions like a table mount for base poles or additional cable clips. While the spare part segment covers all small parts that are needed to keep our product functioning.

The logic behind our item IDs.

Our IDs are built, so you can identify the item and categorize it before you know about the product in detail. It helps you to identify the products before you look deeper into them. Providing useful information on what they are and how they can be combined.

B45 (Basispoles 45mm)PR45 (Printer holder)
B38 (Basispoles 38mm)KY38 (Keyboard holder)
V45 (VESA for 45mm)KY45 (Keyboard holder)
V38 (VESA for 38mm)SC38 (Scanner holder)
VPI (VESA for pin)SC45 (Scanner holder)
A4538 (Arm notch)TA38 (Tablet holder)
A45PI (Arm pin)TA45 (Tablet holder)
EFT38 (Payment holder 38mm)DP38 (Display/Customerdisplay)
EFT45 (Payment holder 45mm)DP45 (Display/Customerdisplay)
EFTP (Payment plates)ACC (Accesories/Attachments)
PR38 (Printer holder)*X (Custom sub version)

PP - B45 B38 B45X B38X - 00000 -

PP - V45 V38 V45X V38X VPI VPIX - 00000 -

PP - A4538 A45PI A4538X A45PIX - 00000 -

PP - EFT38 EFT45 PR38 KY38 SC45 SC38 EFT38X EFT45X PR38X KY38X SC45X SC38X - 00000 -

9005 7024 7035

7024 7035 9005

7035 9005 7024

9005 7024 7035



 B45 A4538  V45 EFT38  B38 SC45




9005 7024 7035

The first part “PP“ shows the product categories, in our case POSPOLE.

The 2nd position of the ID is representing the item category. You can see what kind of part it is and also what it can be combined with. For example “B45”, the B indicates that it is a base pole and the 45 is a reference for the diameter of the pole. Sometimes they also have an additional “X” at the end. This indicated that it is not the default version of an item. I have been modified.

The 3rd position identifies the product with a drawing ID. This unique ID alone is enough to identify a product. If you want to save time, you can also skip right to this ID.

The final section is for the RAL color code. Together with the unique 3rd position, it can identify a product with all its specifications.

Create your solution. Step by Step.

Now it is finally time to create your solution. Select the parts according to your application. What parts are the best to use for your situation? Is your counter/table higher or lower? Do you need a 350mm or 500mm base? Will you install all devices on a multi stand or will the payment terminal be a standalone solution? All these factors need to be taken into account to create the most optimal stand. Remember, there are many possibilities to achieve a certain function.

Standalone Solution

Choose your B38

The standalone base is available as a wall mount and a normal desktop stand. Make sure you choose the right one for your application.

Select device mount

Now choose what device you like to mount and select the required 38mm mounting bracket. The most commonly used for a standalone solution are EFT and VESA. 

Finished solution

Congratulations you have created a standalone solution.                                          

Multi stand Solution

Choose your B45

For the multi stand use a height that can fit not only your counter but also the number of extensions. The 350mm pole is ideal for 2-3 attachments while the 500mm can hold up to 5.

Select VESA

A lot of the setups will use a VESA mount in some way. While they can also be mounted on an extension arm, the most common way is to use a direct mount.

Add extensions

Use arm extensions to create sockets for further attachments. Think not only about the length but also about the type.

Add attachments

Now choose what device you like to mount and select the required 38mm mounting bracket. The printer, keyboard, and EFT brackets are the most used on arm extension.  

Finished solution

Congratulations you have created a multi stand solution.                                          

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