The big show is here!

There are only a few days left until EuroShop 2020 is opening its gates. The final preparations are running and everyone is getting ready for one of the most important events this year. It cannot be denied that in the past years EuroCIS and EuroShop has established itself, not only in Germany but international. Although our segment is only a small part of all the different products and service exhibited, it is always interesting to discover other markets. We deeply believe that in order to be successful you always need to look around you. Everything is changing, and due to globalization smaller companies can provide products and services in the same, if not better quality than big players. The game has changed from big to fast. Flexibility and availability are more important than ever before. With 2368 exhibitors and over 133.000 visitors we expect the show to be a big und exchange of new ideas and solutions. We at POSPOLE are very keen to get feedback on our latest development and we are looking forward to the new demands of our customers. Exhibitions in general are a good way to take some time and have longer conversations as it is normally possible in our stressful business environment.  

Sadly, the mood is not only positive. Many people are worried about the situation with the Coronavirus. How will it affect the exhibition? Will you still attend?  These are frequently asked questions we have received during the many phone calls and e-mails we have had in preparation of the exhibition. Every exhibition is a potential spread of infections, even if it is just the regular flue. We suggest all attendees to avoid unnecessary contact and use frequent disinfection after every handshake. To further reduce the risk, we will provide a disinfection liquid at our booth. We wish all affected people strength and hope the situation will return to a normal state as soon as possible.

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